Podcasts from CES 2012 / HigherEdTECH summit

Higher education came of age at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  The January 11th HigherEdTECH summit drew a standing room-only crowd of campus officials, policy-makers, and technology innovators.  Below are links to two of the plenary sessions and two podcasts.   

From Dewey to Digital: Are e-books, Tablets and Digital Content Coming of Age?  (video link)

Is 2012 the year that e-books and digital content take hold in academe? Or will the textbook continue to reign? Casey Green leads a lively, provocative discussion of the promise, potential, and market realities of moving from Dewey to digital in higher education.

WAYING INTO EDUCATION: A Candid Conversation with Scott McNealy  (video link)

From iconic high-tech pioneer to education visionary, Scott McNealy, co-founder and CEO of Sun Microsystems and now founder of Curriki.org and chairman of Wayin, continues to offer blunt assessments about the status quo and as well as original thinking about the potential of technology to shape the future. A passionate voice for improving the quality of education, McNealy shares his thoughts about doing business with higher ed, how the current wave of tech expansion differs from the dot.com experience,  how leaders can stay current with new technologies, and injecting innovation into our current system.

Matt MacInnis, CEO of Inkling, talked with Casey Green of Campus Computing about the challenges of moving textbooks to tablets for the higher education market.


PODCAST:  An Interview with Vineet Madan, Senior Vice President at McGraw Hill Higher Education (audio)

Vineet Madan, senior vice president at McGraw Hill Higher Education, and Casey Green of Campus Computing discuss the role of adaptive learning technologies as part of the movement of college curricula from print to digial formats.