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A “through the digital looking-glass” conversation with senior executives from the campus ERP industry about critical IT planning, policy, and deployment issues. 


Mark Armstrong - Vice President, Higher Education Product Development, Oracle
Jayne Edge - Vice President, Marketing, Jenzabar
Connor Gray - Chief Strategy Officer, Campus Management
Mark Jones - Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Ellucian
Casey Green - Campus Computing (moderator)


Campus Management,

Jenzabar and


"The Coming of the Clouds"

SaaS/Coud-based ERP applications loom large in higher education.  Data from the 2013 Campus Computing Survey reveal that a majority of CIOs and senior campus IT officers believe that Cloud-based applications will play an important role in their institution's ERP strategy over time and may even help to reduce some IT costs.  Yet few -- less than 15 percent -- expect to be operating on Cloud- or SaaS-based finance modules, student informaton systems, or HR applications by fall 2018.  The Forum discussion focuses on what campuses must do to prepare for the coming of the Cloud, and also the role of IT providers in helping campuses prepare for the eventual migration to SaaS/Cloud-based applications.

“Doing Well and Striving to Do Better”

Colleges and universities spend huge sums to license and to support ERP/administrative information systems. The firms that provide these mission-critical applications (finance and accounting, development, human resources, research/grants management, and student information systems) have a “trees and the forest” perspective on what campuses do well and also what they can also do better to leverage their investment in mission-critical ERP applications. 

A constant struggle for all customers is how do I adopt and improve my business practices with the technology? How do we leverage the technology to achieve preferred outcomes?

        - Connor Gray, Campus Management

Institutions need to set clear goals for technology, built around their strategic initiatives. Campus leaders should work closely with technology providers, ask questions, and find a way to incorporate appropriate technologies into their campus culture.
         - Jayne Edge, Jenzabar

I think of CIOs as trying to manage and balance between the various fiefdoms on campus: CIOs have to drive the communication across these different executive domains. They have to focus on a communication strategy across the various groups that are involved in an ERP implementation.
         - Mark Armstrong, Oracle

What campuses often do less well is to revisit the changes they previously implemented and then take advantage of new things, new technology that has come along. There needs to be a willingness to constantly evolve and to revist current practices.
         - Mark Jones, Ellucian